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       Dare I say it.  I think it is time to shift away from fireworks as a way to celebrate America’s independence. 

      When fireworks were invented the idea of lighting up the night sky with fire was totally awesome.  Celebrations with lights and noise made sense because prior to that time the nights were usually dark and quiet.    Even in 1950, when I was a girl, nights were usually dark and quiet, and  I loved sitting on the edge of the lake surrounded by the community of friends and family and joining in the chorus of appreciative aaaahhhs and ooooohhs.

      Today, at least where I live in the city, the night is always lit.  Street lights, city lights, parking lot security.  Blinking, twinkling non-stop lights and noise.   

      With the Green Revolution upon us I look forward to the day when the world is a little dimmer, quieter, and cleaner. 

       I love America.  Home of the Brave, Land of the Free.    On July 4th I would love to be able to go out into the street, stand with my neighbors and look up and be awestruck by the beauty of deep, peaceful, starry night.    AAAAAHHH,     OOOOOOOHHH. 

Check out this link for earth hour



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